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A lot of people purchase high quality upholstery furniture when they first buy a home, and over time they become complacent with those pieces. But are you looking to change yours because they no longer fit in with your style? Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new furniture, you can actually change what you already have! Re-designing upholstery furniture can actually be a lot of fun when you work with a professional, and can result in pieces that look brand new, even if you’ve had them for longer than you can remember. Why let something that’s good quality go to waste?

The best times to hire a professional are when:

  • You want to change the material on couches
  • You want to change the material on chairs
  • You’re looking to repair material on furniture

When you first hire an upholstery expert, they’ll go over material choices with you. This could be similar to what you originally had, or it could be far different, it’s up to you. Once you choose what you’d like, the next step will be to remove the old material before carefully sewing in the new material. Professionals who have years of experience will make this look easy, but it actually takes careful concentration and precision. That’s why it’s always best to leave it to someone who knows what they are doing, rather than risk ruining your furniture trying to do it yourself.

By the time they are finished sewing, your furniture is going to look brand new. This is all thanks to the detail-oriented focus of the upholstery expert, who will make sure everything is sewn perfectly so nobody knows this type of work was done. Overall the cost will be far less than purchasing new furniture, and you’ll be able to keep all of those pieces that you’ve loved for so long.

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